Lightning hits the sea – HD – Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

WARNING: TURN VOLUME DOWN (if you need your eardrums any longer)
Rewind to 0:20 (press 5) for “the moment”..desc.

SLOW MO (Full HD):

Huge thunderstorm morning in Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.
Few minutes before this one, several lightnings strikes on the other shore (every 20-30 seconds each) so I turned camera on to try to capture one…but what happened few seconds after, really surprised me…Lightning strikes the sea water near my boat…I was not expecting it so close… 0:22 …felt it on my body – like sonic boom from an airplane.

Comment in-movie (on Serbian): “Jebem ti Sunce!”
Literal translation to English: “I f**k your Sun” (something like “Holly shit” on English)

Recorded and uploaded with: HTC Desire S (Android 2.3.2)

Exact strike location (Kumbor):,18.585245

Several minuter earlier (Heavy rain):

Thunder @ Wikipedia:



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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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